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    Главная » 2008 » Август » 11 » Dynamite blast kills fisherman
    Dynamite blast kills fisherman
    Monday, February 11, 2008 
    Dynamite blast kills fisherman 

    TWO months after an explosion killed a man and seriously injured his 
    12-year-old son, dynamite fishing also caused the death of another 
    fisherman in the waters off Barangay Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City yesterday 

    The incident angered Mayor Arturo Radaza, who ordered Acting City Police 
    Director Louie Oppus to tighten surveillance on Barangay Babag=92s 
    firecracker manufacturers and to trace the dynamite fuse supplier.=20 

    Rosales Intong, 47, survived a dynamite explosion five years ago. He was 
    not so lucky the second time.=20 

    He was about to toss a homemade dynamite into the water before 9 a.m. 
    yesterday when it went off.=20 

    The explosion severed his right hand, severely burned his face and neck, 
    and wrecked his small boat.=20 

    The blast caught the attention of residents, including a couple who used a= 

    small boat to retrieve Intong=92s body.=20 

    =93Maningil gyod ang kinaiyahan (Nature always exacts a price),=94 said PO= 

    Manolito Abellanosa, homicide investigator, after checking Intong=92s 
    remains at the St. Francis Funeral Homes.=20 

    Babag has long been known as source of firecrackers and pyrotechnic produc= 

    The manufacturers buy black powder, an explosive component, from Talisay 
    City and neighboring Visayas provinces.=20 

    Abellanosa identified Jose Amodia and his wife Joan, aided by a local 
    fisherman, as the ones who brought Intong=92s body ashore.=20 

    Never again=20 

    Jeffrey, Intong=92s eldest son, said that over five years ago, his father 
    lost four left fingers when he used dynamite while fishing off Olango Isla= 

    =93Pero wala na ko kabalo sir kon sige pa ba siya kay minyo naman ko (But = 

    no longer knew that he was still into illegal fishing after I married and 
    went my way),=94 he said, adding that he worked for a construction firm an= 

    never went fishing with his father again.=20 

    Jeffrey said they used to buy dynamite fuses somewhere in nearby Cordova t= 

    Radaza said he wants the Coastal Fisheries and Aquatic Resources 
    Management Council to help the police, as it is its primary duty to secure= 

    Lapu-Lapu=92s waters.=20 

    =93Ang lisod man sab gud ani kay kining mananagat mangita gyod ug lusot (B= 
    what is difficult here is that the fishers always find an excuse to use 
    dynamite). This campaign involves changing the way they earn a living, mao= 

    ning maglisod sab ta (which explains the difficulty),=94 he said.=20 

    Last Dec. 5, the dynamite Ebon Geronco was holding slipped from his hand 
    and exploded, instantly killing him, and leaving his son blind.=20 

    The incident surprised city officials, who thought that dynamite fishing 
    was already eradicated with the deputation of over 80 fish wardens to 

    enforce fishing laws and monitor the sea. (AIV)=20

    from http://fishing.com/foros/viewtopic.php?t=160412&sid=d37c76f8a7f2370d4c026fbbe5ff7c1b

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